Vending Hall (2019)

Main Hall

Hrothgar’s Hoard
Specializing in high quality wood game accessories at affordable prices.

Gameland Games
Gameland is a board manufacturer that has the best combination of quality, communication and price you will find. We offer a very low 500 unit minimum order, direct support in the US and the tools necessary to help you turn your game design into reality.

Bob’s Weekend Wonders
Is a non-landed game shop specializing in small publisher games. Please welcome Bob Allen who is coming all the way up from Texas to join us at Lexicon this year, his fourth year! Bob has a large amount of games. You don’t want to miss this!

Eagle Gryphon Games
Eagle-Gryphon Games publishes a wide variety of tabletop games including The Gallerist, Lisboa, Defenders of the Realm, Baseball Highlights: 2045, and many many more!

Rusty Scabbard
Is the definitive gaming resource in Lexington, Kentucky. It is also the oldest gaming shop in the state. The Rusty Scabbard provides gamers in the region access to board games, miniature gaming, RPG gaming, and gaming supplies. See them on Faceb8//8520*63ook here:

Gaming Nomads
Gaming Nomads provide some very exciting options for Lexicon. They provide sales on board games, books, and other things Geek. Check them out in our vending hall!

We offer a large selection of board games, dice, RPG supplies, & Magic as well as other Collectible Card Games. We are the only BSF 200 store in Kentucky and we offer a large selection of Games Workshop products. We have also just branched out to Video Games (xbox, playstation/Nintendo and more). We run a lot of adventure’s league (D&D) and Pathfinder every week. You can find our Facebook page here:

Popcorn Paradise
Lexington’s finest choice for gourmet popcorn. Check out their signature variety of gaming friendly flavors (no cheesy figures on your cards) to help refuel you between gaming sessions. Grab their tins as perfect Christmas Presents for friends and family from their website! They are also active on Facebook:

PastTimes Games & Books
Sellars of excellent RPG & Accessories including a large selection of WizKid miniatures. We will have a large selection of dice including some that have only been available on Kickstarter. Our feature item is our in-house designed Convertible Dice Trays.

Screech Dragon Studios
Makers of fine glassware and excellent games like Murder on the Cosmic Express, Intelle, Cal De Sac Conquest, and a LexiCon favorite Thwarted.

Huntsbrook Inc
Grow is a 3-Dimensional building game where 2-4 players guide the constant growth of a tree and compete by blossoming flowers around it. The game features a simple-to-learn set of rules, ideal for younger children, while offering a deep level of strategic nuance for more seasoned players.

Bittersweet Heaven
Bittersweet Haven is an artist-run shop offering original plushies, artwork, and accessories. Inspired by Japan, the macabre, and everything cute!

Reel Fun Studios
Features the artwork of Carie Varner including plushies and clothing and the tabletop role-playing game products of Ryan Faricelli

Queen City Gaming
Queen City Gaming was founded in 2017 and has become one of the most well-known and respected retailers in the trading card game industry! Queen City Gaming is your premier Trading Card Retailer! Carrying anything from Booster Boxes, PSA Graded Cards, Singles, and VINTAGE items. We are your one stop shop for Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super, Transformers, and more! Find us via website or via Facebook

Flatworks Gaming
Flatworks Gaming creates high quality and fun tabletop games for the public, like the very popular Dwarven Smithy.


RPG Hall

We will be selling items tailored to RPG fans in the RPG area.

Dirty Woods
I started woodworking in December of 2018 and quickly found my niche in making dice boxes and rolling trays. Other things I make are HeroClix team trays, and custom business signs.

Heroes of the Guild
is an introduction to tabletop role-playing games. Designed for all ages, Heroes of the Guild will provide countless hours of fun and adventure. Your imagination will decide the fate of an entire world…and your own.

Chica and Jo .com
Offering an array of supplies for organizing your board game pieces, either in the original game boxes or more compactly for travel. We’ll help you keep your tokens, cards, and bits sorted, labeled, and organized!

Andromeda House
We sell handmade geeky creations.

Moonshine Craft Productions
Selling crocheted, clay sculpted, gemstone, glass and sewn clothing, accessories, and toys.

Sea Dog Game Studios
Bringing renaissance pewter and a variety of minis related items that would appeal to role-players. We will have lots of dungeon and tavern bits, as well as a lot of role player friendly boats, along with pathfinder templates.