Vaccination Requirement


Just a reminder! We will be requiring everyone to provide proof of vaccination to attend LexiCon 2021, July 30 to August 1st. You will be expected to provide written proof that you have been vaccinated to pick up your badge. There will be a table at the front where staff will check your vaccination status. If you do not provide the proof requested, we will not give you your badge and you will be unable to participate in the convention. They are not able to make any judgement calls. They need proof of vaccination.

Since everyone will be vaccinated (with a few exceptions noted below), we will not require masks at the convention, but attendees can wear them if they want. We are following the advice from the experts in Public Health and this is not up for debate.

This is based on the current advice from Public Health. We will be one of the first conventions opening in the country and we want to be a safe one.

As of June 11th, masks will no longer be required at almost all functions in Kentucky, including ours. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and requiring that attendees be vaccinated is the best/safest way to do this.

Part of the convention is in an open area to the hotel, while it is rare for hotel guests to spend any significant time in the conference area, we will not know their vaccination status.


Refunds: If you have already purchased a badge or kickstarted LexiCon, and you do not want to attend now due to this policy, you can ask for a refund. Please message us through our Facebook Page or if you have Chris’ email, you can contact him directly.

Health Exceptions: * written health exemptions from a physician that can only be pre-approved by the Director, Chris Grzywacz. This will not be done on site, and must be *pre-approved ahead of time. You can start this by contacting him through LexiCon messages on Facebook. Children 11 years old and younger are exempt, since they are not eligible to take the shot.


Common Misconceptions: This is not a HIPPA violation. That only focuses on health care providers, we are not a health care provider. This illegal in Kentucky. It is not.