Update for LexiCon, Only 6 Weeks Away

With LexiCon only 6 weeks away (wow), we had some items we wanted to share with you.

Let’s start with the bad news (awwwww).  Our library shrunk (booooo!).  Yep, our great friend and business associate has moved west (young man) and he took his share of the library with him.  We really appreciate that he shared this with us all of these years.  These were his games that he let get borrowed, bashed, bumped, bruised, and battered. (We will give a game to someone at the con who has the best “B” word they add to the comments on this page!)

The good news is that LexiCon is still happening (one of the earliest in person cons in the country).  To make everyone feel safe, we are requiring people to be vaccinated (except non-eligible people like children).  We know this affects people greatly and we are sorry to miss anyone, but we feel like this is best for a convention being held this early.  You can see our Facebook page for details.  But you Must Bring Proof with you to pick up your badge.  No Proof, No Badge.  (Again, our apologies to anyone this affects negatively). But!  Masks will not be required to be worn by anyone, since everyone (attending LexiCon) will have been vaccinated.

We are in process of putting together our awesome parties, Woot! Meg will be posting a draft soon on Facebook, so look for it there for what might be happening.  I know our friend, Travis, from Charcon is planning something one of the nights.  His events are always super fun!

We are in process (not quite up yet) of posting about 35 RPG events. While most of them our Pathfinder and Starfinder, there are some others with more to come!

We are very excited about LexiCon 2021 (two years in the making) and can’t wait to see you all.

Chris, Larry, Rob, Mandy, Scott, Meg, Craig, John, Anne, and Eric(2)

3 Thoughts to “Update for LexiCon, Only 6 Weeks Away”

  1. Chris Ruble

    I think it’s a great idea to require vaccinations, especially at a con like this. Thanks for thinking of the health of this awesome community! Very excited to come to this year’s Lexicon and *BURN* through as many games as I can! 😉

  2. Hello! Please, how can we ensure that our tickets are pushed forward from last year? We have not received any emails from any platform. Thank you- Diana and Jason Hart

    1. They should have already been moved. I’m looking into this now. Expect email later today. — Larry

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