Transfer, Donate, or Refund

Please send all requests to, for attendees and vendors.

Transfer – If you would like to transfer your badge to LexiCon 2021, being held April 9 to 11, 2021 at the Clarion Hotel again, let us know including your full name(s) and whether you got your badge through Kickstarter or Pre-Reg.

Donation – If you want to donate your badge to cover LexiCon expenses this year, please let us know. Just send us your full name.

Refunds – We will not receive back the kickstarter fees we have already paid. Therefore, Kickstarter refund requests will need to cover the kickstarter fee costs of around 8% (5% to Kickstarter and 3% to 5% processing fee). We will round this down and make it $3 for a basic badge and $5 for the higher-level badges.

If you are struggling and need to waive this or think it is “unfair” please note that and we will waive this. If we get a lot of these requests, we may rethink Kickstarters in the future. We will try to make everyone happy. 🙂

Refund requests need to include:

  • Your full name (or names, if you got multiple badges).
  • If you purchased through Kickstarter or PreReg.
  • Either your full mailing address or if you have PayPal, your PayPal email.

We can only do checks or PayPal refunds at this time. No, LexiCon cannot do Venmo or any other kind of payment transfer 🙂

We will get these processed as soon as we have the funds.

Whatever you opt to do,we will send you a confirmation response, once we have completed the transaction.

If we do not hear back from you, we will roll your badge to LexiCon 2021!

Thanks everyone for your patience and being such great supporters of LexiCon.

Chris, Greg, Rob, and Larry

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