It is back and better than ever! The Ginormous Library will be located in the large pre-function room this year right next to the Giant Games.

Wait, you aren’t familiar with the Ginormous Library? Well, LexiCon has one of the largest game libraries you will find (bigger than CABS, bigger than GenCon) with over 2000 games. What’s more, LexiCon strives to maintain a high level of quality in those games with dozens of new titles added every year. And you can check any of them out without additional charge just by showing your badge!


The Ginormous Library is an attendee favorite every year and is staffed by awesome gamers who can also answer your questions about what games to play or the sort of people who might like a certain game.

If you enjoyed a game in one of our Tournaments or Learn-to-Play sessions, you will find that game in the Ginormous Library so you will have a chance to revisit newly discovered favorites as well.

Our CATALOG is available for you to review at any time. You will note after you follow the link, that it includes multiple collections. 

  • The Greg Collection – The original library all of which will be available to you.
  • The 9th Pawn Collection – The annex of games we have added since starting LexiCon.
  • The Grail Games Collection – Unfortunately, these games are too fragile to transport, however, they are available by special invitation at our sister convention, CinCityCon.
  • Various Play-to-Wins – you will see past catalogs of Play-to-Wins and, once we finalize the list, the games available to you this year.