Big Update – Dates Changed to May 29-31, 2020

We will be sharing 3 posts on the Web site about LexiCon Tabletop Boardgaming Convention. A general one for everyone. One aimed at Attendees and Vendors that got a hotel room. And one just for Vendors.

Everyone: We will be moving LexiCon Tabletop Boardgaming Convention to May 29th to 31st . It will still be at the Clarion Conference Center and Hotel. We have not finalized all of the details, but we should be able to hold the convention with only a few small adjustments. On site registration may be delayed a little and we may start the boardgaming events a little later because someone has the ballroom space part of the day on Fri. When the convention opens, probably at or shortly after 1, we will have open gaming available, we will have the Ginormous Library set up and we will have the RPG Hall open for the event block that starts at 2.

If you already have a badge, you are good! We will do all of the work.

Thanks Everyone and Game On!
Chris, Greg, Rob. and Larry

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  1. Hello! I am very interested in becoming an artist/ vendor for this event! are you still accepting more people? if so, how can I apply?

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