Giggle Girl


First of all, we think Eric’s review below Really Rocks! and is a great summary of the convention. As a volunteer driven Big Event, there is always some chaos and disorganization, it is just par of the deal. (We always like to let people know that up front.) But we do try our best to make sure everyone has a great time. So please check out some of the reviews of LexiCon. –
Chris, Greg, Rob, Larry, and Jessie

Eric S. reports: “I had an amazing time!! I will definitely come again. The library was huge, so there was always something great available to play. And, the volunteers in the library were very friendly and helpful in suggesting games. Some of the events (not all) seemed a little disorganized, but they were still loads of fun. There were also events for all types of game lovers (Euro-style games, RPGs, classic games like Monopoly, party games, dexterity games, LARPs, word/spelling games, and a bunch of tournaments).

I was also lucky enough to snag a VIP ticket which got me into the VIP room. Peggy was great to be around, and she always kept us supplied with delicious food (much of which she made herself).

I highly recommend going to this convention if you get a chance.”

Shannon O. says: “If you enjoy board gaming and meeting people who enjoy board gaming, you can’t go wrong.”

Fred M. states: “Great Convention…Lots of FUN!!”

Deb B. says: “Loved the convention. It is fun with great people.”

Brad C. comments: “I went to the first one it was a lot of fun great vendors and even better people.”

Joe P. reports: “The best small convention I’ve ever attended. I’ve been 3 times. VIP twice, and a volunteer this year. It gets bigger & better every year.

1500 games!

Play all weekend for $35 (kickstarter rate), and not wait in line for more than 5 minutes.

GenCon or Origins can’t compete with that!”
Ben G. summarizes: “…To sum it up, the con was amazing. Food was great. The people were great. My fellow volunteers were friendly and worked well to keep everything running smooth. I had an absolute blast and will be back every year, to play and volunteer.”