Catan is Coming!

We have received our support package from Asmodee and we are super excited!  Lexicon is pleased to announce that every entrant in the Sunday Catan tournament will receive a copy of the brand new Catan Geographies Kennessee map.  That’s right for $10 you get a $20 Catan expansion, the opportunity to compete in the classic game, and a chance to win a trip to GenCon 2017 and compete in the Catan National Championship, a package worth over $300.

And while we’re talking about it, let’s spell out some of the other prizes available:

  • CatanGRAND PRIZE: All expense paid trip to GenCon 2017, a seat in the 2017 Catan National Championship, and a copy of the 2016 release Catan Geographies Kennessee expansion map.
  • FINALIST (2-4 Finish): A copy of a Catan boxed expansion courtesy of Lexicon, an exclusive Catan Christmas ornament, and a copy of the 2016 release Catan Geographies Kennessee expansion map.
  • SEMI-FINALIST (5-12 Finish): A special set of Catan dice,and a copy of the 2016 release Catan Geographies Kennessee expansion map.
  • ALL PARTICIPANTS: All participants will be entered into a drawing for a copy of a 2016 or 2017 release ASMODEE game to be announced, and receive a copy of the 2016 release Catan Geographies Kennessee expansion map.

This is the fourth year of Catan at Lexicon and we are so excited to be continuing this tradition.  Remember, Sunday is also our family day, so you can bring the kids and set them off on the Scavenger Hunt while you sit down and relax to a day of getting wood for sheep.  Enjoy!

Catan Sheep

Purchase Problems Fixed!

Well, our apologies to anyone who attempted to make a purchase in the last few hours.  Somehow we inadvertently told the system we hd 0 stock of everything.  Yikes!  However, it is all fixed now and you are free to purchase your Tournament and RPG tickets again.  If you did experience a problem, be sure to make as big a story of it as you can and catch Greg at the Saturday night party and tell him all about it.  Best “big fish” story about how you couldn’t buy a ticket gets a prize!

Event Schedule is Arriving!

That’s right, you will now see that we are posting our events on the Web site.  This process will take several days, so for now you are seeing a work in progress with much more to come.  We will be providing details about some of our additional tournaments, many scheduled games, our famous Learn-to-Play sessions, RPGs and special events, including Cosplay.  So be on the lookout for your favorite events, arriving soon!

Ticket to Ride and Splendor

Lexicon is pleased to announce the return of our Ticket to Ride and Splendor Tournaments.  TTR remains at it’s usual Saturday afternoon time, but Splendor will be moving to Saturday morning.  Also, as part of our continuing efforts to make Lexicon a fun and affordable weekend, we are introducing new pricing for these events.  Last year, these events cost $5, that cost is now included in your badge price and there is no charge for the event.  However, if you want to guarantee your spot in either of these tournaments (we all know how first come, first served can be), we will allow you to purchase an advance ticket for only $2, still $3 less than last year.  Only 12 advance tickets will be sold and when they are gone the event is full.

Updates: More Play to Win games, no King of Tokyo

Play to Win update!  LexiCon is only a month away. Our Play to Win Games have started rolling in like Order of the Golden Compass and Deception by Grey Fox Games, Viticulture by Stonemaier Games, and Emergence by Liminal Games; just a few of the large amount of games we will have for you to win, just by playing them.  We are busy setting up the formal Tournaments, including our signature Pandemic Survival as well as Catan, and our newest Agricola. We will also have tournaments for fun like Ticket to Ride and Splendor.  We are getting more Play to Win games than last year courtesy of Envoy and they are offering their yearly No Cost Tournaments for Diamonds, Nevermore, The Game of 49, Letter Tycoon, Dimension, and Skull King. They will even teach you the games before the tournaments.  You can register here for your badge:


We are sorry to say that there does not appear to be a National King of Tokyo Tournament any longer, so we will not be able to hold a qualifier for this event.

Less than two months!

Welcome! LexiCon is less than two months away. We are busy setting up the formal Tournaments, including our signature Pandemic Survival as well as Catan, King of Tokyo, and our newest Agricola. We are getting more Play to Win games than last year courtesy of Envoy and offering their yearly No Cost Tournaments for Diamonds, Nevermore, The Game of 49, Letter Tycoon, Dimension, and Skull King. They will even teach you the games before the tournaments.

Our Ginormous monster of a Gaming Library has grown to over 1,500 games, amazing! We will offer Learn to Play games of the newest games and old favorites and we will have more tables for Open Gaming. We have also added tables to our RPG area. We will have LARPing again and of course our Cosplay which is growing every year.

Ravenwood Castle
By the way, anyone that comes dressed up in anyway gets a door prize ticket for our drawing, come Full Boat and get two tickets. Our grand prize is a weekend at Ravenwood Castle Gaming Bed and Breakfast. We all went a couple of weeks ago, and it was Amazing.
Finally, don’t forget about our Adult Gaming Parties Fri. and Sat. Nights, sponsored by West Sixth Brewing and The Barrel House. They are lots and lots of fun. You can participate in our formal events at the parties, or social games like Werewolf, and of course sit around and do open gaming like Cards Against Humanity. These parties include an onsite bartender and two tickets good for West Sixth Brewing beverages and samples from The Barrel House.

We can’t wait to see all of our friends again! Thanks for participating in LexiCon IV!

Chris, Rob, Larry, Travis, and Greg

2017 is here!!

It’s a new year and the folks are LexiCon are kicking into high gear to bring you the best gaming convention they possibly can!

We are in the process of updating the web site for 2017. Look for a more official announcement in the next few days.

We also hope to be updating on a fairly regular basis with announcements as we confirm events for LexiCon 2017!