Picky Eater

Game Designers (2019)

Game Designer Demos at LexiCon

Fliptopolis You’ve watched the TV shows. You’ve listened to the radio ads. Now it’s your turn to start FLIPPING HOUSES!   Fliptopolis is a fast and fun game where 2-6 players each take on the role of a Contractor who take turns bidding on foreclosed houses.  Buyer beware: Each house has a number of unknown problems, like a leaky pipe…or worse, a Lawn Gnome Uprising!  These will only be revealed after the auction so savvy Contractors will need to balance winning as many houses as possible while saving money to fix them for resale.   Will you buy and flip your way to the top?

Build A CureBuild A Cure is a cooperative strategy game in which you and your team avoided a nuclear explosion. However, the bunker that saved you was a storehouse for some of the world’s worst diseases. It is up to you and your team to work together to build the chemical compounds to cure the diseases before you run out of resources. You may see your team experience symptoms and even contract more diseases that could hurt your chances of survival. Remember, the longer you stay, the more you are exposed. If you can manage to cure all of the diseases before you run out of resources, you win and can live to see another day.

ParaphraseParaphrase In this fast-paced party game of musical wits, your team will compete to solve paraphrased song titles. Win bonus points for naming the band and bursting into song. You’ll be singing and laughing out loud with PARAPHRASE – Songs in Other Words!

Stacked is a trick-taking dexterity game that mixes the simplicity of Jenga-style tower-stacking with Tetris-like shapes with straightforward card play. The game lasts a number of rounds (typically two) or until a predetermined point total (typically 50).  To start a round, after the cards are dealt, the oldest player calls a trick type by color or symbol, then counts down: “3, 2, 1, flip!” The player who reveals the highest card of the proper type wins that trick, takes the lead for the next trick, and gets to give their wooden piece that matches the image on their winning card to another player, who must then stack it on the tower for that trick’s winner!

Alien PlaygroundAlien Playground is a programmable movement, variable power, meeple abduction game.

Obelisk is a family friendly, game where players take on the role of the Queen’s Councilors trying to capture groups of monsters that are roaming the countryside. You’ll need a bit of luck and strategy to capture all the monsters before they escape! 1-4 players, 12+ years, 30 min play time, new players welcome! This game has been in development for two years and is being released on April 12th at TessellationGames.com

Graffiti CityGraffiti City is a dice allocation, area control, and paint brawling game.

Setback the buildable board game that’s never played the same way twice! Just use the cards to set up the randomized board and you’re ready to play! Move your token, play your cards, and win! But look out! There’s always someone trying to Set You Back! Just when you think you’ve won it all you get Setback! With millions of possibilities, you can play again and again! Get Setback today!