Family Day

Sunday is Family Day at LexiCon! So bring the whole clan and we will have special events and activities designed for the whole family. This is your chance to share and grow your love of the hobby with those closest to you. While we don’t have the exact details worked out just yet, you can expect something like this as a schedule:

9a-4p Scavenger Hunt
9a-4p Crafting Table
9a-4p Learn-To-Play family games*
9am-1pm: RPG – Little Feet, The Legend of Gimcrack Jack (D&D 5e)
1pm-2pm: Kids Cosplay Contest
3pm-4pm Loopin’ Louie Tournament

Don’t hold us to this just yet! We might change things, but we also hope to add even more. LexiCon has always strived to be a family friendly event as we want to see gamers of all ages having a good time.

*Games include 

  • Pirates vs Pirates
  • Legend of the Windigo
  • Loopin Louie
  • Tofu Kingdom
  • Stuffed Fables
  • Ghost Love Candy
  • Animal Upon Animal
  • Yeti in my spaghetti
  • Don’t Break The Ice