Loopin’ Louie Tournament

  • April 7, 2019
    2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

This is a Family Day Event! There is no charge to play. Seats are assigned first-come, first-served.

In Loopin’ Louie, a battery-powered motor placed in the center of the table rotates a boom with a little plastic plane. Four radial arms lead out to the players’ barns and the chickens they’re trying to protect. Each barn has a little lever, which is used to knock the rotating plane away from your chickens and hopefully into someone else’s. When only one player has chickens remaining, he or she wins the game. Very silly and very addictive.


Loopin’ Louie Tournament Rules

LexiCon reserves the right to modify, update, clarify, or change event rules in the interest of making LexiCon the best event possible. No fundamental rules changes will be made after 04/05/2019.

Basic Rules

  • All games will be played using the Loopin’ Louie games provided
  • The tournament will consist of 4 rounds
  • Each round will consist of 4 player games
  • For the first round, players will be randomly assigned tables
  • During the following 2nd, 3rd and 4th round, players will be placed in games with scoring peers
  • All players are expected to abide by the LexiCon Conduct Policy
  • LexiCon Tournament Judges’ and Coordinator’s rulings are final and arguments or poor conduct by players will not be tolerated. LexiCon reserves the right to remove players from the event or LexiCon itself with no refunds allowed.


  • Points will be awarded based on Winner and remaining chickens at the end of each round.
  • At the end of the fourth round, all players scored for each of the four rounds will be totaled, and prizes will be awarded to the first and second place finishers best on most points and second most points scored.
  • There will be no ties for position in a round.
  • Each round players will have their points earned noted.
  • At the end of the fourth round. Each player’s round points will be totaled.


                        Times TBD                 Check-in and Table Assignments

                        Times TBD                 Round 1

                        Times TBD                 Round 2

                        Times TBD                 Round 3

                        Times TBD                 Round 4

                        Times TBD                 Wrap up and Awards



The Main Hall is located in the Ballroom of the Clarion Convention Center.

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