Friday Night Party

  • April 5, 2019
    8:00 pm - 11:55 pm

Welcome to LexiCon 2019!!!

Sponsored by West 6th Brewing, we are so pleased to bring you an amazing good time.

Start your evening with a team game of Wits and Wagers hosted by Travis Reynolds. Wits and Wagers is the exciting trivia game that does not require you to know any trivia. Follow that by joining in on a game still in pre-release and brought to you the designer, the incredible and sometimes hilarious musical game, Paraphrase!

And of course we will have our annual Giant Game of Werewolf. We will get as many people as possible to participate and sort out who are the villagers, who are the werewolves and who is dinner.

Cards Against Humanity, party games from the library and general good fun are sure to be present as well.

All guests receive tickets complementary beverages from West 6th (or soda). A cash bar will be on hand.



The Main Hall is located in the Ballroom of the Clarion Convention Center.

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