Huntsbrook Inc
Grow is a 3-Dimensional building game where 2-4 players guide the constant growth of a tree and compete by blossoming flowers around it. The game features a simple-to- learn set of rules, ideal for younger children, while offering a deep level of strategic nuance for more seasoned players.

Mighty Pie! Creative Workshop
Offers cute, nerdy arts and crafts for all ages. Offerings for Lexicon include stickers, buttons, paintings, prints, stickers, and needle-felted plush. Find the Pie online at: Mighty Pie!

Bardic Kitty
Is an artist who crafts handmade chainmail jewelry and accessories as well as drawing fantasy illustrations and character art. She takes commissions of both pen and chain and her motto of sorts is “Striving to add a little joy and color to your life.”

Alchemy Cove Jewelry
Selling original, handmade game-themed jewelry including meeples, RPG dice, Wingspan, and more.

Pumpkin In Stitches
This is your place for things made with strings! Bows, bow ties, cross stitch buttons and art, and more! Find cute and nerdy things like Pokemon, gay pride stuff, and bug art.

Sheryl Scharf Artwork
I specialize in pen and ink drawing, with some painting here and there. I enjoy doing nature and animals but can reproduce pretty much anything. Check out my work here: Sheryl Scharf Artwork

Ghostbusters (Western Kentucky group) Will be back!
The Western Kentucky Ghostbusters are the largest and most active Ghostbusters group in Kentucky. They have been raising money for the Kentucky Children’s Hospital since 2009. Stop by and say “Hi”.