Cosplay Awards


LexiCon 2021 welcomes and celebrates Cosplay and Cosplayers of all types and ages. We love having attendees who let their Geek flag fly whether in full costume or a t-shirt. If you wear a costume you will receive a ticket towards a special prize drawing. Further than this though we have some amazing cosplay contests with different categories for kids and adults! New or experienced cosplayers, all are welcome to join in on the fun. There’s even one for the young kids on Sunday during family day celebrations at Lexicon.


Welcome to LexiCon’s 7th Annual Cosplay Contest, Saturday at 3:00 pm

CosplayersA gaming convention without Cosplay is like playing a board game without your friends. Come in costume for the Cosplay Contest or for the whole weekend! Saturday is Cosplay day and even the staff will come dressed up. (For attendees who wish to come just for the contest, Lexicon offers a special Cosplay badge for these attendees.)

We welcome the return of Anne Amsden as our Cosplay Coordinator as well as our outstanding panel of judges. If you need more information, feel free to contact her at:

Cosplay Categories:

Cosplayers who are in groups of 2 or more. Will be judged on difficultly of characters and accuracy of costumes.

Any contestant who has never won an award in any costume or cosplay competition. Just starting out in the community. Will be judged on effort and difficulty of character.

Any contestant who has won one or more awards in any costume, cosplay, or convention competition. Will be judged on effort, difficulty of character, authenticity of costume, and construction of costume.

Master (Pro)
Any contestant who has won three or more awards in any costume, cosplay, or convention competition, or someone who has income exceeding $5,000 per year from costuming, cosplay, sewing, prop construction, wig construction, or styling in costume or cosplay related fields. Will be judged on effort, difficulty of character, authenticity of costume, construction, and attention to details.

Cosplay JudgesJudging Standards:


Likeness to Character

Effort / difficulty

Some new changes this year will be that we will be having time slots for those who wish to take time before the contest on Saturday to talk to some of the judges one on one and allow for better looks at the costumes. We will also have a walk-on portion to the contest on Saturday to allow for those who wish to just show others their costume instead of being in the judging portion.


Kids Cosplay Contest

That’s right as part of our Family Day activities on Sunday, we will have a special cosplay contest just for the kids. Sign up inside the ballroom for this event starting at 1:00pm on Sunday. There will be prizes for the top contestants!

Cosplay Awards