Code of Conduct

At LexiCon we believe in the simple idea of fun for all. We want our guests to meet new friends and enjoy their existing friends. We want everyone to have a memorable time with fun memories they can share with others. To that end, LexiCon has established the following expectations with regard to behavior fully aware that these are values shared with our guests.

The LexiCon Code of Conduct applies to everyone at the convention including Attendees, Exhibitors, Gamemasters, Volunteers and Staff.

At LexiCon we strive to offer a fun and enjoyable experience for all attendees. And we know that our attendees want this experience for themselves and for others. Therefore it is an expectation as part of your badge to maintain a respectful level of behavior toward all other attendees, volunteers, GMs convention staff, and hotel staff.

Abusive, offensive or harassing behavior in word or deed will not be tolerated. This applies to any behaviors with regard to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity/expression, religious affiliation, citizenship, age, disability, physical appearance, body size, or other identifying or personal factor. Anyone engaging in such behaviors may be asked to leave, and if asked to leave will not be entitled to any refunds.

Guests are reminded that this is a public event and they may find themselves in the company of strangers who may have different standards than what they are accustomed to with their friends or regular game group and should modulate their behavior accordingly.

Under no circumstances will harassment be tolerated. Harassment may include, but is not limited to:

  • Deliberate intimidation (Reminder: what may be acceptable trash talk at home, may seem threatening to a stranger. If you are not sure if something is acceptable, then assume it is not.)
  • Stalking
  • Body or gender policing
  • Verbal comments, writing, or imagery that demonstrates harmful or oppressive intent toward a specific group or type of identity
  • Unwelcome photography or recording (always ask permission first)
  • Inappropriate and unwelcome physical contact
  • Inappropriate and unwelcome sexual attention
  • Persistent disruption of events

If you are witness to or subject to any behavior which seems inappropriate please notify convention staff. It is solely the responsibility of the convention staff and the venue staff to address any issues. Convention directors who are aware of or notified of objectionable behavior will ask the behavior be stopped. Failure to comply will result in removal from the convention without refund.

LexiCon is a family friendly event. We encourage guests to remember that there will be attendees of all ages. Simultaneously, we also offer a more grown-up experience with some of our events. Therefore, LexiCon has established “family hours” as lasting until 7pm. Anyone with younger guests or sensitive ears should be aware that after 7pm they will likely encounter more adult language (and Telestrations pictures). After hours activities remain subject to the general behavior guidelines.

The Clarion does allow the consumption of alcohol in most areas of the convention space. Guests are advised to consume alcohol responsibly. If you or anyone you see has over-consumed, please notify the Clarion bartending staff to ensure safety.

Badges are required to participate in any LexiCon events. They are not required to visit any of the vending areas or walk through the convention center. Badges are assigned to individuals and the sharing of badges is not only prohibited but it limits our ability in what we can offer in future years. If you lose your badge, please notify the registration desk immediately.    

Costumes are both welcome and encouraged at LexiCon, and may range from an amusing t-shirt to full blown Cosplay. We do ask that costumes be tasteful and cover appropriate areas of the body bearing in mind that LexiCon is a family event. What is illegal outside the convention is illegal at the convention.  Props should be incorporated into the costume or carried in a way that does not inconvenience or endanger other attendees. Firearms are prohibited. Realistic weapon props may be approved or peace-bonded at discretion of the staff; please see the registration desk immediately upon entering the convention center. In some instances guests will be asked to leave props in their vehicle or hotel room but permitted to bring them forward for the Cosplay Contest. If you are uncertain about any aspect of your costume, please inquire at the registration desk.

The Clarion convention center offers multiple opportunities for food an beverage including:

  • Continental breakfast for hotel guests
  • Sports Page Bar and Grill
  • LexiCon sponsored snack bar throughout the weekend
  • LexiCon sponsored bar at evening parties
  • Room service for hotel guests
  • Extensive vending options 

Additional dining opportunities are available in the immediate vicinity from McDonald’s to the JW Marriott steak house.

That said, outside food and drink is prohibited in the convention center.

LexiCon is a public space and guests consent to have their picture taken by convention staff throughout the weekend with their badge purchase. If you have a reason that you need to avoid being photographed, please notify convention staff, but also be aware that it is a public space and we can only manage our own photographs.

Guests taking photographs should limit themselves to broad shots unless they have requested permission from those being photographed. This includes individuals in costumes. In most cases, people will be glad to let you take a photograph, but it is the photographers responsibility to ask. Photographs should always be respectful of the subject. Anyone taking photographs which demean or objectify the subject are a from of harassment and subject to the convention harassment policy. 

LexiCon is the largest event by square footage at the Clarion each year. Therefore we specifically ask our guests to be careful as they move among the various events. No running. No standing on furniture. Be careful with game bags or any other things you carry. Always be aware of the people around you. Obey hotel and convention center signs and guidance. Because there is construction underway at the Clarion, guests are specifically prohibited from entering any areas either clearly under construction or which may pose a risk to themselves or others.

Smoking and vaping are both prohibited in the venue.  If you need to smoke, the venue staff can direct you to an appropriate area.

See Photography

Live weapons are prohibited. Some weapon props are allowed as provided in the costume rules.  Please make sure to have all prop weapons checked for safety measures at the registration desk. (See costumes)

The final rule is simply that LexiCon reserves the right to respond to any behavior by any guest which limits the enjoyment of the convention by others.

LexiCon directors will always endeavor to clarify any confusion with regard to conduct, but reserve the right to take any and all steps necessary to ensure a safe, legal and fun experience for all of our guests.