Open Play

This year, LexiCon will open up all tables in the Main Ballroom to open play, tables where anyone can setup their favorite game either from their own collection or from the Ginormous Library to play with their long-time or newly discovered friends. 

LexiCon is the best weekend for board and card games in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We strive to make sure that you have lots of opportunities to enjoy the games you can’t get to the table the rest of the year.  We have table signs for “Player Wanted”  and “Teacher Needed” at the library should you need a player or help learning a game.  You can feel free to ask someone if they still need a player if they have a “Player Wanted” cone out.

Oh, and do us a favor. Your LexiCon hosts love to play games too. If you see one of us wandering around, feel free to invite us to join you! We’d love to play if we can.