Big LexiCon 2021 Update! w links

COVID – We strongly encourage everyone who is planning to attend to get vaccinated! If we are allowed to require it, we will. Everyone wants to have fun and feeling safe is one more step toward that goal. We plan on following the State of Kentucky’s Guidelines for wearing masks. At the moment, the state’s goal is to end the mask mandate June 11th and let venues operate at 100% capacity. Follow our Facebook page for updates on this. It could change!
Kickstarter Badges – We are preparing to import the Kickstarter badges into the Tabletop Events site which we are using for registration and scheduling. If you purchased a Kickstarter Badge for 2020 and did not ask for a refund or donate it (only 5 people asked for refunds, you guys are awesome!), you should receive a promotional code for your prepaid badge(s) and instructions for using it. We expect to have this completed by June 1st.
Events – You can sign up to host events on Tabletop Events (…/lexicon…/submit-events

Note: Yes, that is It is not  Yes. We thought it was weird, too). We anticipate a rush in mid-June when any COVID barriers to hosting the convention (none, we hope) are clear. As an FYI, the convention will be directing fewer events than we have in the past. We still plan to hold the major events we have become known for, including the Friday & Saturday night parties for adults, the Catan Tournament, the Cosplay Contests and Sunday Family Events. We will also continue to work closely with Envoy to host regional tournaments and learn to play events for their games.
Library – We lost over half of our library when one of our founding partners recently moved to Colorado. We are already working to replace as many popular titles as we can, and as always, we’re looking to find the newest, hottest games available. Our thanks to those people who have donated games, or given us games at rock bottom prices (Thanks, Mike!). Unfortunately, this year, most of our budget is tied up in the convention space and merchandise (shirts, glasses, etc) for LexiCon 2020, so bear with us as we rebuild the Library. If you would like to donate a game (or games!) to help, you can drop it off in the library during the convention weekend, or you may contact Chris (, or our new librarian, Craig ( to make arrangements.
Changes – We have several major changes this year. First of all, Greg, one of our founding partners, moved to Colorado. We wish him luck in his new endeavors and and hope he will pay us a visit anytime he returns to the area. Greg was instrumental in both LexiCon and CinCityCon and will be greatly missed! We have been fortunate that some of our staff, particularly Scott, Mandy, Larry, and Meg, have stepped up to take on his responsibilities.
Another major change for this year is that we are moving to Tabletop Events for registration and scheduling. They are dedicated to communities such as ours and we plan to use their services for future conventions. If you are not familiar with them, please check them out! (

Finally, we miss you Jessie! (our previous librarian). However, we have found an awesome replacement with Craig,, Mr. Dry Humorman, himself. Everyone, please welcome Craig!
There will almost certainly be some bumps in the road as our staff move forward in their new roles and we adjust to the new registration and scheduling system. We appreciate your understanding, support, and patience. We have the best attendees in the country and to show our appreciation, we have some extra prizes to give out this year!
Most importantly, be safe out there! We love you guys and we want to see your smiling faces, not only this year, but for years to come! So, please get vaccinated and then come see us for a weekend of great games!

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