Superheroes? Supervillains? Hetalia? Fruits Basket? Other Anime? Firefly?

Whatever your alter-ego, come get your cosplay on at Lexicon. And win prizes for your efforts!  Here’s the skinny.

(Hey and be on the lookout, in addition to the events below, we will have both Ghostbusters and the 501st Legion Storm Troopers from Star Wars on site.)

Cosplay Costume Contest


Novice and Pro categories- will be judged based mostly on the construction, difficulty, and effort.

Made Category- will mostly be based on the likeness to character, cleanliness of the costume, and touches of details.

Group Category – will be judged based mostly on the construction, difficulty, effort and performance of group.  A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15 are allowed in 1 group.  No profanity or nudity, PG -13 standard.


Based on the cleanliness, straightness, and consistency of the stitches. The closures are sewn in completely and are clean and polished. Threads are trimmed and hems are finished. The pattern used fits and does what the characters does in most every sense. Mastery of tailoring, and crafting.

Likeness to Character
Judged on the fabric choices, likeness to the character and realistically what they would wear. The colors in fabrics are matching to the characters as well as to each other. The fabric and materials are manipulated in a way that matches the characters, fits the person in the same manner as the character and resembles the characters individual items. General likeness to the character in appearance.

Effort / difficulty
This category should be about the level of intricacy the person put into the costume and the difficulty of the character in proportion to this. Materials used are advanced or used in a way that is advanced and mastered. The time spent on the costume is proportional to the detail in it. The costume is crafted whenever possible, even when items are difficult to make, for example jewelry, instead of bought. The overall percent of the costume that is made versus bought. Also finishing touches to the costume such particular construction seams, placement of details and likes to the characters detail.

Cosplay Masquerade: Our version of a Cosplay competition. Participants will show off their costumes for a chance to win fabulous prizes! Participants can compete in one of 3 categories, novice, pro and bought. In these categories participants will be judged on their craftsmanship and ingenuity of materials. Didn’t make your costume? We even have a category for that! Find out if you have what it takes to bring home the prize!

DISCLAIMER: ***note, Judges reserve the right to alter or change categories to meet the needs of the competition. Judges also reserve the right to choose a category for you in the event one is not selected or is incorrect. Winners of the completion will be selected by the judges and are not negotiable; however any cosplayer wishing to get feedback from the judges may ask. We are in no way liable for damages to yourself or your costume while participating in the contest. By signing up for the contest you agree to participate in the walk on and the judging unless otherwise specified and agree to the terms and rules of the competition. Have fun and be safe!***

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2 thoughts on “Cosplay

    • The big events are Saturday night at 6:00. That is when we will give everyone a chance to show off their costumes and win prizes. I understand there will be other informal events Friday and Saturday (in fact all are welcome to do such events, we even have a seminar room available for private events). Plus Lexicon staff might be giving out prizes at random times for particularly impressive or creative cosplay, or at least that’s in the plan. ;-)

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