Flea Market and Math Trade

TradingBecause we try hard to listen to the wishes of our future attendees, Lexicon has added two new special events to our schedule.  On Sunday morning, Lexicon will host a flea market where attendees can bring their old games and offer them for sale or trade to other attendees.  (Please note, Lexicon will be very interested in a working copy of the old adventure game, Dark Tower.)

Lexicon is also pleased to add a Math Trade which will allow folks to swap games they no longer want for ones they do.  Unlike a swap meet, a math trade lets lots of people trade together and get exactly what they want.  So Sue can trade Power Grid to Bill who can trade Krosmaster to Anna who can trade Bezzerwizzer to Luther who can trade Fiasco to Sue.  Our math wizard and his software will work out all the details of matching folks up, all you have to do is get online and tell us what games you want to see go and then pick games you’d like to pick up.  The Math Trade opens for submissions on Friday, April 11th.

For details on both these events, go to http://lexicongaming.com/w/events/flea-market-and-math-trade/.

Calling all Teachers, Librarians and other Educators

Games and Education

Games and Education

Lexicon is pleased to announce that we will now be offering two special seminars designed specifically for Teachers, Librarians and other Educators.  Two sessions are being offered, one late Friday afternoon and one Saturday morning to allow attendees to take advantage of the Con to apply and explore some of the many skills they will learn.  Sessions will discuss:

  • How to use games to teach basic skills,
  • How games can be applied to higher problem solving,
  • The effectiveness of games in navigating difficult social situations,
  • Structuring curriculum delivery in the form of a game, and
  • The philosophy of games and the human condition,

This class is based on materials which have been taught for the last three years and used over the last decade.  In addition to teachers and librarians; principals, camp leaders, home schoolers, religious educators and HR professionals will find this material valuable.  Few other professional development opportunities come with a weekend of related fun!


Pre-Registration Ends March 31st

Hurry, hurry, hurry.  Pre-registration discount pricing ends on Monday the 31st!  Get your weekend badge now and save.

Plus we now have literally dozens of events in the system and some of them, especially learn to plays, are already running out of available spots.  While you are getting your badge, make sure to reserve your spot by purchasing event tickets for your favorite events.  If you already have your badge, you can always go back in the system to add events whenever you want.

In particular pay attention to the Magic and Settlers of Catan tournaments.  Catan has the coolest prize at our convention.  And rumor has it that if enough Magic badges are sold this week, D20 will be giving some lucky badge holder their money back in Born of the Gods packs

Settlers of Catan World Champion Starts at Lexicon?

Settlers of Catan – Kentucky Regional Championship is coming to Lexicon!

LexiCon (in coordination with Café Meeples in Richmond, KY) is proud to announce its Settlers of Catan regional championship that will send one lucky winner to Origins Game Fair to compete for the title of “Catan World Championship US Representative.”  That person shall represent the United States at the Catan World Championships to be held in Germany in 2014.  (Get your passports ready now!)

Kentucky’s champion will receive:

  • A seat in the semi-final round of the US Qualifier held at Origins Game Fair 2014 in Columbus, OH
  • 4-day pass to Origins
  • Lodging for the entire length of Origins Game Fair (4 day, 3-4 nights)
  • $100 Visa gift card for travel expenses to Origins

$10 entry fee.  The tournament is limited by rule to 64 participants, so please pre-register as early as possible. Regsitration will be available this weekend.

(Please note that our Kentucky Champion shall be over the age of 18 and a US citizen to be eligible to represent Kentucky in the US Qualifier at Origins 2014.)

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan

New Tournaments

Lexicon Gaming Convention is pleased to announce that we have finalized plans for tournaments for Android: Netrunner, Star Wars LCG Card Game, and X-Wing Miniatures Game.  Each of these is on a different day of the convention and will be available for you to enter when you purchase your badge.  We are now less than two months away, and events will start being added fast.  We will try our best to post the big ones here so you don’t miss anything.