Program Guide Available

It is now less than one week until Lexicon 2014 arrives!programclip

In preparation for the big day, Lexicon has released the preliminary program guide for you to download and use.  The final Program Guide with complete schedule will be available in a few days and at the door.  However, we encourage you to download and look through this guide to see all the exciting events happening at Lexicon.  Please also see all the amazing companies whose sponsorship has helped make this event possible. Give them your money.  :-)

Lexicon, After Dark

All Lexicon attendees.  You are cordially invited to join your Lexicon hosts Philip, Chris and Greg for Lexicon After Dark on Saturday night.  At the end of a long day of gaming, this is your chance to hang out at our party and really let loose.  What do we have planned for Lexicon After Dark?

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

  • Special thank you from our host, West 6th Brewery, for every attendee at this special event. (It’s probably what you think it is.)
  • Cash bar located in the gaming area (open only to event attendees)
  • Free snacks to enjoy at our party
  • Werewolf, the Lexicon way.  Philip has a unique twist on what has become a classic con game
  • Two Rooms and a Boom, the Resistance, Aye Dark Overlord, Are You the Traitor?
  • Time’s Up!, Say Anything, Telestrations, CatchPhrase
  • And of course, Cards Against Humanity

We will have a bunch of fantastic prizes to say thank you to all of you for supporting us.  Philip hasn’t let slip all the prizes, but it includes copies of Cards Against Humanity, Say Anything and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Go online and get your event ticket right away as there is limited space at this special event.  See you there!

Flea Market and Math Trade

TradingBecause we try hard to listen to the wishes of our future attendees, Lexicon has added two new special events to our schedule.  On Sunday morning, Lexicon will host a flea market where attendees can bring their old games and offer them for sale or trade to other attendees.  (Please note, Lexicon will be very interested in a working copy of the old adventure game, Dark Tower.)

Lexicon is also pleased to add a Math Trade which will allow folks to swap games they no longer want for ones they do.  Unlike a swap meet, a math trade lets lots of people trade together and get exactly what they want.  So Sue can trade Power Grid to Bill who can trade Krosmaster to Anna who can trade Bezzerwizzer to Luther who can trade Fiasco to Sue.  Our math wizard and his software will work out all the details of matching folks up, all you have to do is get online and tell us what games you want to see go and then pick games you’d like to pick up.  The Math Trade opens for submissions on Friday, April 11th.

For details on both these events, go to