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The Catan Tournament is played on Sunday 10:00 until 4:00. Players must be registered by 9:00 in order to play. If you are unfamiliar with the game, you can still compete as Lexicon offers several opportunities over the weekend to learn Catan in our Learn-to-Play room.

The Tournament is a multi-round format. Players will compete in three rounds at tables of three or four players depending on number of attendees. They will receive an overall score by adding up their totals from those three rounds. Players who were winners in a round will also receive a bonus point. Additionally, any players who are winners of our Regional Qualifiers leading up to Lexicon will have their lowest score replaced with a 10.

The top 16 players will then compete in a double elimination mini-tournament, four to a table. The four winners in the first round will compete against each other in the second round. The Winner of that round will be the overall Tournament Champion and win the all expense paid trip to GenCon. The other three players at the final table will be ranked 2-4 based on their final score. The 12 players eliminated in the first round will be ranked 5-16 based on their final points in those games. In both cases, ties will be broken by their overall score in the initial three rounds with further ties broken by highest individual scores in those games. All top 16 players will receive a prize.


  • The board for all rounds are supplied prior to the tournament and conform to accepted tournament rules.
  • The tournament judge has the right to eliminate any player who is deemed to be cheating which includes conspiring or colluding with other players. Please note, the tournament judge is the sole arbiter of what constitutes cheating and players should not engage in arguments with other players or the judge.
  • A player may not leave a game table during a game without forfeiting unless agreed by the other players and the judge.
  • If a player has a question about what is permitted or about what has happened in a game, they may raise their hand and seek a verdict from the tournament judge.  Once the tournament judge’s verdict is solicited, it is binding on all players in that game.  Players in a given game are free to agree on conventions (e.g., whether a dice roll is valid) among themselves provided those conventions do not violate the rules of the game, the tournament or Lexicon.  Such decisions must be unanimous or lacking unanimity, the tournament judge’s verdict must be solicited.
  • All rounds except the final round are timed rounds.  The tournament judge reserves the right to end a round at any point after an hour, although the judge may also permit a round to continue if it is near to finishing.  If a round is terminated for time, it will be after all players have had an equal number of turns.  Players scores will be recorded as their total points when the round is called including any unrevealed victory point cards.
  • The tournament judge has the right to penalize or even eliminate any player who appears to be stalling for the purpose of obtaining an advantage, generally by limiting their opponents ability to gain points.
  • Standard Catan rules apply as the rules stand in the 2015 edition of Catan.
  • Convention rules also apply and players can be penalized or eliminated for violations of convention rules or standards of behavior.
  • Because of the prizes involved, players must be 18 in order to play in this tournament.

Lexicon is noted for having one of the best run Catan tournaments and had a very exciting and highly competitive tournament last year with players of diverse ages and experience levels competing.  We look forward to an even better tournament this year.

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