Pathfinder - Little Feet: The Legend of Gimcrack Jack (Sun 10am-2pm)


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The Legend of Gimcrack Jack by Gary Reynolds

Level 2, for the Pathfinder RPG

This is a Little Feet adventure for the Pathfinder RPG. Little Feet is a new line of modules published by 2 Kings Games and geared toward play for kids and their parents.

The merchant guild from Anchor’s Home have called up Little Feet Inc. to investigate an unusual set of burglaries. A few businesses have suffered recent thefts which occurred under mysterious circumstances. Although the thefts of items have not been very valuable, even the loss of petty baubles have them concerned that this may be the beginning of something much bigger. Due to some loose tongues by employees, the incidents have been leaked publicly and the populace has started to nickname the criminal “Gimcrack Jack.” Much to the chagrin of the merchants, the character has even become a reoccurring character of a local children’s show hosted by the renowned puppet master, Delgar Ashforged. This crafty gnome has taken advantage of the recent publicity from the thefts and turned the character into a bumbling buffoon who couldn’t tell a diamond from a jagged piece of glass. Gimcrack Jack’s fame is growing not so much from the crimes committed, but by becoming the new favorite marionette among his many in stock. Although his patrons are enjoying the show, how long will it take the real criminal to take vengeance on the puppet master; or, better yet, who is the next merchant to be victimized? Pre-gens will be provided.This is a playtest for the Pathfinder RPG. All player participants will have the opportunity to have their names published in the credits of the final book.

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